Chemical and biochemical sensors for condition monitoring

Condition monitoring is intended to extend the life time and up time of equipment, including machines, by continuously monitoring their condition, such as vibration and temperature, and using the data to see as a machine is moving away from its normal state (baseline data) and showing signs/signals of a developing fault. This process of monitoring is a major component of predictive maintenance. Parameters that are currently used to monitor the condition of machinery  includes: temperature, vibration and current/voltage through a model based voltage and current systems (MVBI systems). 

The sensors for temperature and vibration tracking have been available for decades, but at ZP we see a that the sensors for monitoring the chemical state of the machine system are not so readily available or are not developed.


At Zimmer and Peacock we are interested in sensors that can measure the chemical condition of a machine, including parameters such as corrosion and the condition of the lubricants.


At ZP we are interested in exploring with clients condition monitoring using our standard sensors including our conductivity sensors for lubricant and fuel condition monitoring.