RFID Tags and Biosensors - Manufacturing sensors

It can take millions of dollars of money and effort to lock-down the manufacturing of biosensors and medical diagnostics. Therefore, you must have some out of the box thinking to be able to get your initial biosensor product ready for market and on the shelves. 

At ZP we work to make the biosensors and manufacturing as good as they can be, but we also use supporting technology like RFID tags to carry important data about the sensors into the field. RFID tag technology allows the manufacture test data to be carried with the sensor out into the final application, the result is an overall sensor performance that is superior to just the manufactured sensor product.

At ZP we perform a lot of testing and characterization during the manufacturing process and this data can influence the sensitivity and performance of the final product.

ZP is the only contract biosensors and medical diagnostic company able to send deliver biosensors with individual calibration factors for maximum infield performance.

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