Hacking a potentiostat channel to give a temperature channel

If you have one or more channels on your potentiostat it could be useful to use one as a temperature channel in a particular experiment.  In this hack we tell you how to to it.


To perform this hack you will need:


  • 2 x dipolar connectors
  • 1 x thermocouple


Your will connect the dipolar connector to the thermocouple as shown.

Following the connection of the dipolar connectors to the thermocouple it is next necessary to connect to the potentiostat according to the adjacent image.



The settings on the potentiostat channel that are going to be used shoud be in line with the following...'to setup the potentiostat software with a thermocouple set the measurement technique to Amperometric Detection/Chronoamperometry. Set the current range from 1µA to 1mA. Set all pretreatment settings to 0. In amperometric detection settings set “t equilibration time” and “E dc” to 0. Set the “t interval” and “t run” accordingly to your measurement. An example of the configutration is shown in the adjacent screen shot.

Lastly your potentiostat software will show the temperature data as a current, to convert the current back into temperature use the adjacent equation.