Recommendation on carbon screen printed electrodes

At Zimmer and Peacock we like to be fast on customer requests, we have had a request which was:



  • WE area ca. 15 mm2 
  • CE: area ca. 50 mm2 
  • RE: Ag/AgCl, area ca 9 mm2 
  • Separation between electrodes: ca 1.5 mm Overall size: 1 cm2
  • Modify the WE with an organic mediator
  • Required with a fast turn around


Zimmer and Peacock would recommend that we modify the A-AC-CAC-202-N; this recommendation is based partly on the specification, that we have stock and because the electrode scales very well with respect to cost if people wish to make a product from it.


It should be note that the CE is Ag/AgCl, this is an advantage as it allows the CE to be smaller because the Ag/AgCl redox couple on the CE will keep up with all the electrochemical reaction on WE without having to be large.