Newsletter April 20

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Dangers of separating sensor development and electronics development


In the world of biosensors and medical diagnostics every company wants to develop the electronics themselves, but they are happy to outsource the development and manufacturing of the sensor/biosensor.


At Zimmer and Peacock we are contract developers of sensor, biosensors and medical diagnostics and so we are happy to support companies as a contract developer and a contract manufacturer, but we always advise a company if they are developing the electronics to buy a reference system from Zimmer and Peacock. This means that they can test the sensors independently of their electronics which helps these clients to later troubleshoot their electronics.

Biomarkers on the breath


Zimmer and Peacock are able to detect analytes and biomarkers on the breath.


In this video we talk though the one of the tools we use for simulating breath, which we need when developing sensors specific to compounds carried on the breath.

How hot is Tabasco Sauce?


You can stop wondering how hot Tabasco Sauce is, the ZP Chilli Technology Group have recently measured it, please visit our website to find out more.

ZP - Biosensor Group Expands


Zimmer and Peacock are developers and manufacturers of biosensors and medical diagnostics. We put a lot of emphasis on testing and so we have recently expanded our head count, specifically with Biosensor Test Technicians.


If you have a biosensor or medical diagnostic and are looking for a development or manufacturing partner please don't hesitate to contact us.