Sensors - Electrical, chemical and mechanical properties

At Zimmer and Peacock we are always happy to give technical advice when choosing from our product range. We recently had an enquiry where the scientist was looking for chemically resistant screen printed  electrodes.

Email response

Our email response is below...'We have three material combinations that are resistant to organic solvents.


If you are interested in carbon working electrodes then I would use this , click here.



If you are interested in gold then I would use this, click here.



If you are interested in platinum then I would use this, click here



Our recommendation is the gold electrodes, followed by the platinum and last the carbon electrodes. The reason we like the gold is because they are chemically and mechanically robust and have low ohmic resistance. The platinum is chemically robust but the platinum is not as hard as the gold so you can't make repeated connection to them as the platinum rubs away. The carbon are good and are chemically resistant but the carbon is more electrically resistant and I show that in a  video, click here..'



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