ZP - Programme Management Triangle

ZP is a world leader in sensor, biosensor and medical diagnostic development and manufacturing.  One of the central tenants at ZP is programme management, which ensures that our programme collaborations  with our clients come in on time, within budget and to scope.


A programme with ZP often starts with a proposal/statement-of-work which lays out what we will do, how long it will take and the price for the work.  When writing a proposal we are balancing the three efforts to ensure good quality and best value for our customers, clients and collaborators in accordance with their budget.



We have very practical tools in place for programme management including: Zoho Project Management, Masterslides, Cloud based time tracking, our Julia Databases and Cloud based Virtual Meeting Rooms for update meetings.


If you have a need for sensor/biosensor/medical diagnostic development and/or manufacturing and you want to wok with a professional industrial team please don't hesitate to contact us.