Newsletter December 8

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Zimmer and Peacock - Health Monitoring of Fish


Zimmer and Peacock were delighted to attend the Tekmar Conference and Expo. Our scientists and engineers discussed our biosensor technologies for the monitoring of fish and conditions within the pens.


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Electrodes for Research versus Electrodes for Manufacturing


At Zimmer and Peacock we manufacture electrodes, which upon the addition of polymer, enzymes, antibodies, RNA, DNA, aptamers, ionophores etc become biosensors, sensors and medical diagnostics.


We have a division in our products and services which is based on whether the electrodes are intended for research and the research community or whether the sensors are for product development and are going into a finished product in the medium term.


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Tekmar Day One


Zimmer and Peacock are a leading company in the development and subsequent manufacture of new sensors and biosensor technologies for monitoring fish pens and fish in the aquaculture industry.


This year we are exhibiting at Tekmar in Norway where we are showing our AnaPot platform and Blood analysers for fish.


The ZP effort is to understand the conditions within the pen and the biochemical status of the fish so we can monitor the wellbeing of the fish and predict or alert for evolving issues.