ZP - Contract CGM Development and Manufacturing

Zimmer and Peacock has one of the most experienced independent CGM development and manufacturing teams in the world. Our industrial experience in CGM development comes from several years of developing and troubleshooting CGM sensors in Europe and North America.

Working with Zimmer and Peacock on your development is straightforward as we meet , discuss and  advise you  on the unique features you want to bring to your CGM, and then  we will produce a technical proposal to work against.


Questions and discussion points include:


  • Linearity – What linearity is required?
  • Resolution – What glucose resolution do you require, e.g. 0.1 mM/2 mg/dL?
  • Stability of signal – When in 5 mM/90 mg/dL concentration of glucose for how long is the signal stable before showing ± 10 % deviation.
  • Interferences – How sensitive is the sensor to interferences, such as acetaminophen and ascorbic acid.
  • Which sterilization technique will we apply?
  • Biocompatibility, a discussion on the wetted materials and the medical grade materials we will use.



Feel free to contact ZP regarding CGM development and manufacturing.