Wearable Sensors - ZP

ZP knows that the future of health and well-being is wearable sensors with continuous monitoring, and transmission of the data to the Cloud.


In these pictures and video ZP shows a sensors for temperature, relative humidity, pressure and light. The sensor can operate on one charge for up to one month.


For ZP these physical parameters are really the first step, as ZP has a unique core technology of biosensors and flexible electronics which allows for the expansion of functionality to glucose, lactate, potassium, oxygen etc.


If you share ZP's vision that physical sensing is only  the first step in sensors for health and well-being then contact us to discuss the monitoring of biochemical signals for health and well-being applications.

Watch the video for a quick talk through on wearable sensors

Contact ZP to discuss integrating biochemical sensors into a wearable format, including: glucose, lactate, potassium, oxygen etc.