Electrodes for Impedance and Conductivity

Zimmer and Peacock have a series of electrodes that are tailored towards applications where the resistance/impedance/conductivity of the electrolyte is the source of the signal.


Applications includes: label free detection, conductance measurements, blood coagulation, platelet activation, PT-INR detection etc.



The pertinent electrode specifications for applications where the source of the signal is a change in the conductivity/resistivity of the electrolyte are:


1) A parallel nature to the electrode configuration


2) A semi-uniform separation between the two electrodes


3) Known electrode areas


The Zimmer and Peacock electrodes are perfect for those wishing to make measurements of an impedance/resistivity/conductivity nature as the electrodes have an optimized layout whilst are manufactured by techniques which means they can be made in high volume and low cost for those wishing to go to market with their technology.


At Zimmer and Peacock, we recommend our 103, 108 and 109 electrode configurations, which can be run in a two or three electrode mode of operation.



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