ZP signs an exclusive licence with the University of Oxford and Oxford Innovations

Today Zimmer and Peacock is delighted to announce that is has been award the exclusive worldwide licence by Oxford Innovation to the Chilli hotness technology invested by the Compton Group at the University of Oxford.



The Compton Group's technology allows for the quick and easy measurement of a chilli/chill products spicy heat/pungency, which is reported as the Scoville Heat Unit (SHU).


Zimmer and Peacock are delighted to commercialise this invention as the ChilliPot.


Why Zimmer and Peacock?

Zimmer and Peacock were delighted to be awarded the exclusive licence to the Compton Group's Chilli Hotness measurement Technology. The licence is a reflection of the core products and services  that Zimmer and Peacock has in electrochemical detection of analytes, married with ZP's ability to get products to market and to support customers in the field.


ZP's Director Mr Even Zimmer said 'we are delighted to be partnering with Oxford Innovation and the Compton Group and this partnership is true reflection of a core principal at ZP, which is to get our customers an collaborators to market ASAP. this is ZP's passion'.