The opportunity to perform microRNA detection with Zimmer&Peacock products!

Zimmer&Peacock has a very productive team and recently our Technical Sales Manager Mr Pavel Zhurauski has published a scientific article in the Nature Scientific Report Journal on the microRNA detection; the work was performed during his recent studies on developing a  biosensors for clinical diagnostics. 


MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play a crucial regulatory roles in various human diseases, including cancer, making them promising biomarkers. However, given the low levels of miRNAs present in blood, their use as cancer biomarkers requires the development of simple and efficient analytical methods. Herein, we report the development of a highly sensitive dual mode electrochemical platform for the detection of microRNAs. The platform was developed using peptide nucleic acids as probes on gold electrode surfaces to capture target miRNAs. A simple amplification strategy using gold nanoparticles has been employed exploiting the inherent charges of the nucleic acids. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy was used to monitor the changes in capacitance upon any binding event, without the need for any redox markers. By using thiolated ferrocene, a complementary detection mode on the same sensor was developed where the increasing peaks of ferrocene were recorded using square wave voltammetry with increasing miRNA concentration. This dual-mode approach allows detection of miRNA with a limit of detection of 0.37 fM and a wide dynamic range from 1 fM to 100 nM along with clear distinction from mismatched target miRNA sequences. The electrochemical platform developed can be easily expanded to other miRNA/DNA detection along with the development of microarray platforms.


The mentioned approach for the miRNA detection is supported by the Z&P Biosensors Development Kit on our high quality Screen Printed Electrodes!


Please feel free to contact our team for further details about the products and the applications in biosensing!