GW4 Biosensor Network

Zimmer and Peacock will be attending the GW4 Biosensor Workshop.


The GW4 Biosensor Network ( brings together researchers from different disciplines with an interest in biosensors.

The GW4 Biosensor Network has organised a series of meetings, the first in Bath, the second a sandpit event in Cardiff, the 3rd in Bristol and this forth meeting will be held in Exeter. This will be an open workshop, with participation from academics, postdoctoral researchers and research students from the four Universities. The main objective of this 1-day workshop is to provide a way of disseminating across the GW4 biosensor community the research being done by the different groups, establish links and networking.

In particular it will introduce recent appointments in the field of biosensors in Exeter within the recently launched Living Systems Institute.

The event is free and open to anyone within the GW4 Universities with an interest in biosensors. There will be slots for oral and poster presentations.


Click the contact button below to meet us at the workshop.