Resources for Biosensing Development and Manufacturing

Zimmer and Peacock have reconfigured the resources on our website to make is it easier for those doing biosensor development and manufacturing to find relevant information.


The adjacent buttons are quick links to:


  • Online calculators - These are calculations that we have to repeatedly do as part of our contract development or contract manufacturing of biosensors so when we find ourselves doing the same calculations again and again we make  a calculator for it and put it on our website, if you need a specific type of calculator feel free to contact us and suggest one.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - Zimmer and Peacock have two main activities contract development and contract manufacturing of biosensors, when we are asked questions we often turn the answer into a note as we want to help the community.
  • Products - Zimmer and Peacock have standard products, these are designed to accelerate biosensors development by having a standard product offerings that can be with a developer in 3 days
  • Services - Zimmer and Peacock are a team of scientists and engineers focused on biosensors and medical diagnostics and so our services reflect our deep interest in developing and manufacturing high quality products for our customers.