Microbial fuel cell instrumentation

Microbial fuel cells (MFC) are among our interests at Zimmer and Peacock, hence why we are promoter of Squidstats from Admiral Instruments. The Squidstat Prime was designed with MFC researchers in mind, and so has several features that are of unique interest to microbial fuel cell community. For example, most MFC researchers run chronoamperometry (CA) for very long periods, maybe uninterrupted (weeks or even months at a time) in order to keep their systems at steady state. Sometimes they do need to pause the CA to change out media or perform other maintenance, so the researcher wants to easily start and stop any given channel. Almost all potentiostats require a set time limit when running CA, but the Squidstats have a mode that allows them to run CA for an indefinite period of time, which can be easily stopped and restarted. 


If you have any questions regarding MFC and the Squidstats from Admiral please don't hesitate to contact us