A scientific achievement in electrochemical biosensing from Pavel Zhurauski of Zimmer & Peacock

Congratulations to Pavel Zhurauski, a  member of Zimmer & Peacock, for his recent scientific publication in the prestigious journal  Sensors and Actuators within the chemical section.


The work was realised during Pavel's MPhil in Electronic and Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Bath, where the programme focused on the development of electrochemical-optical biosensors for the detection of cancer biomarkers.


The paper detailed the development of a label-free dual-mode impedimetric, and amperometric aptasensor platform, where a simple surface chemistry step was used to attach gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) to a gold planar surface/gold electrode.


As an exemplary case study, the method was employed to detect prostate specific antigen (PSA), a biomarker for prostate cancer. Specifically an anti-PSA DNA aptamer was co-immobilised with either 6-mercapto-1-hexanol (MCH) or 6-(ferrocenyl)hexanethiol (FcSH) for either impedimetric or amperometric detection, respectively.


In the paper Pavel et al showed that the use of AuNPs enabled a significant improvement in the limit of impedimetric detection, as compared to a standard binary self-assembled monolayer aptasensor.


A PSA detection limit as low as 10 pg/mLwas achieved with a dynamic range from 10 pg/mL to 10 ng/mL, which was well within the clinically relevant values; while retaining a high specificity of analysis.


The reported approach can  easily be generalised to various other bioreceptors and redox markers to perform single detection or  multiplexing detection of biomarkers.


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