Free Webinar - Running businesses using Cloud Video Conferencing

Martin Peacock of Zimmer and Peacock will be part of a CeeLab Cloud Video Conferencing Webinar hosted at 9:30 AM BST 23 June 2017.


The Webinar is a customer's perspective on how Cloud Video Conferencing makes modern business both possible and efficient.


The webinar is intended for anyone who thinks that  face-to-face meetings that effortless take place on-line will  speed up communication and make meeting more efficient.


Topics covered include:


  • Managing a multi-site buisness across two continents.
  • How we use video conferencing.
  • Features of Cloud Video Conferencing: Screen sharing, Hardware, Ease of use, Mobile, Professional, You Tube Streaming, Recording, Quality.


Hear why Martin's love of Cloud Video Conferencing is because it makes business better.