Newsletter April 21

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Zimmer and Peacock welcomes Pavel Zhurauski


We would like to say a big welcome to Pavel Zhurauski who joins the Zimmer and Peacock commercial team.


Pavel has a background in biomedical engineering, SPR and electrochemical biosensor development, and brings a strong technical skill set to a key commercial position. Welcome to the team! 


Reference Electrodes for CGM Sensors, Biosensors and Medical Diagnostics


Silver Chloride Reference Electrodes are ubiquitous in electrochemical sensors used for continuous glucose monitoring, biosensors and medical diagnostics.


In this free to use calculator we allow people to calculate the reference potential they can expect from their silver/silver chloride electrode  based on temperature and chloride concentration. This calculator is particularly useful when considering higher concentrations of chloride as we take account of the non-linearity associated at higher concentrations.

Go to Market Sensor Technology


At Zimmer and Peacock we believe that a sensor technology should get to market ASAP and start making revenues. In this article we discuss the product roadmap and ask the developers is there a product and/or service on that product roadmap which allows them to make revenues before reaching the perfect product.

Sensors in Food and Agriculture 


Zimmer and Peacock are attending and exhibiting at the conference 'Sensors for Food and Agriculture'.


The 3rd annual 'Sensors for Food and Agriculture conference' will take place on 5-6 December 2017 at the Møller Centre in Cambridge UK. The conference objective is to identify applications of sensor technology which can significantly impact agriculture and food production. To achieve this, the conference will bring together academic and commercial leaders in sensor technology and agriculture and food science. As in previous years, the conference will include invited and submitted papers, poster exhibits and a exhibition.


Zimmer and Peacock are attending and exhibiting at the conference 'Sensors in Medicine'.



The 5th annual 'Sensors in Medicine' conference will take place in the London in September 2017. The conference format will be more clinically focused than previous years - the first day on glucose monitoring and the second on infectious disease diagnosis. As in previous years, the conference will include invited and submitted papers, poster exhibits and an exhibition.

Sensors for Cancer Diagnosis


Zimmer and Peacock are attending the conference 'Sensors for Cancer Diagnosis'.  We will be sponsoring two talks:


1) Commercialising Biosensors for Cancer Diagnostics.


2) Sensors for Cancer Detection.


The Conference will be of value to academic and commercial researchers in sensors and cancer biology, medical device companies, oncologists, pharmaceutical companies, research funding organisations.

Systems for fuel cell developers


Zimmer and Peacock recently had an enquiry regarding Zahner systems for fuel cell developers; asking us to recommend a system. There are three elements that are required for an electrochemical impedance spectrometer system from Zahner for fuel cell applications, these are:


- Electrochemical Impedance Spectrometer (EIS)

- Load Cell

- Extension cards


There are a range of EIS available from Zahner but for this application we recommend Zennium X, Zennium Pro and the Zennium.


For testing underload we would recommend the EL1000.  Finally for examining fuel cells within a stack in true parallel we recommend the PAD4 cards, each card allows for additional 4 cells to be monitored, so up to 17 cells can be monitored in parallel.