Sensors in  Food and Agriculture

Zimmer and Peacock are attending and exhibiting at the conference 'Sensors for Food and Agriculture.

The 3rd annual Sensors for Food and Agriculture conference will take place 5-6 December 2017 at the Møller Centre in Cambridge UK. The conference objective is to identify applications of sensor technology which can significantly impact agriculture and food production. To achieve this, the conference will bring together academic and commercial leaders in sensor technology and agriculture and food science. As in previous years, the conference will include invited and submitted papers, poster exhibits and a exhibition.


Call for Papers


Papers will be presented on the following topics:


  • Sensors for crop production
  • Sensors for animal welfare
  • Sensor technology platforms
  • The Internet of Things, data analysis and models
  • Sensor technology and food quality
  • PoC technology for food contaminants, pathogens
  • Regulatory issues and the role of sensor technology