Systems for fuel cell developers

Zimmer and Peacock recently had an enquiry regarding Zahner systems for fuel cell developers; asking us to recommend a system, which we have done below. 


There are three elements that are required for an electrochemical impedance spectrometer system from Zahner for fuel cell applications, these are:


  1. Electrochemical Impedance Spectrometer (EIS)
  2. Load Cell.
  3. Extension cards.

There are a range of EIS available from Zahner but for this application we recommend Zennium X, Zennium Pro and the Zennium.


For testing underload we would recommend the EL1000.  Finally for examining fuel cells within a stack in true parallel we recommend the PAD4 cards, each card allows for additional 4 cells to be monitored, so up to 17 cells can be monitored in parallel.