Newsletter March 24

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Installing New Biosensor Production Capacity


At Zimmer and Peacock, we tell our customers and collaborators that as their products develop through their collaborations with us, we will stay 2-steps ahead and make sure we are ready to manufacture it at scale.


Our team has taken possession of a new printer, which we have bought specifically for one of our customers who is making excellent progress, and so we are backing them by making sure we can scale them in production.

Zimmer and Peacock Inc - US Operation formed


This week Zimmer and Peacock Inc was officially launched, the sister company to Zimmer and Peacock Ltd and Zimmer and Peacock AS.


Zimmer and Peacock's Director Mr Even Zimmer said 'Zimmer and Peacock Inc, registered in the State of California, represents our commitment to the US market, and is the vehicle by which we will invest further in our development and manufacturing for our US client.'

3-D Printed Biosensors


The worlds first report on a 3D printed biosensor has been published.


The objective of the authors was to show a specific example of two types of biosensors where 3D printing offered both an acceleration in the development  of the sensor, and a low cost means by which to manufacture the sensor. The full article can be found by clicking here, or by requesting a copy from the author.