The Fast Tracking Medical Diagnostics and Biosensor Technologies to the Market Workshop

Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics 2017 Workshop

10 May 2017 in Holiday Inn City Centre, Munich, Germany, 13:30


In this workshop and live demonstration Zimmer and Peacock discuss and demonstrate their strategy of fast tracking their collaborators’ Biosensor and Medical Diagnostic technologies to market.


The Workshop is intended for everyone interested in Medical Diagnostics and Biosensors, and critically are interested in commercializing their technology.


The Workshop focuses on the products and services that reflect the philosophy at Zimmer and Peacock; that engagement with Zimmer and Peacock is a critical step along the road to commercialisation.


Zimmer and Peacock support the commercialisation of medical and biosensor technologies through our standard product range of: sensors, sensor readers and disposable microfluidics. Also through services such as design, lab testing, clinical testing, patent preparation and submission, regulatory affairs and ultimately manufacturing.


Our standard products are all designed to be viable for large scale manufacturing, so that the research and development effort undertaken by our collaborators on our platforms are viable for commercialization.


The Zimmer and Peacock team have over 100 years of industrial experience in Industrial Electrochemistry, Biosensor Development and Manufacturing and this is brought to bear on our collaborator programmes to ensure that technologies leave the research phase and enter into the development and robustness phases.