True Quad Pot

This true quad-potentiostat is a 4-Channel potentiostat with a single factory fitted current range, and is designed specifically for sensor testing in the development and production market. The potentiostat includes 4 independent working electrodes channels, which can be independently controlled, to allow different or the same potential to be applied.


  • Applied Potential  +/- 2V
  • Compliance Voltage +/-10V
  • Max Scan Rate  1V/sec
  • Sample Rate100ms to 10s
  • Max Current Range (factory set)     +/-1uA to +/-10mA



Can be supplied with standard firmware and software for simple testing method, such as Chronoamperometry or Cyclic Voltammetry.


 Custom firmware and software for more complex testing software including data management and statistics.



True Quad Pot

True Quad Pot

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