Thin-film 5 micron-holes array of ultramicroelectrodes ED-mSE-5-Au/Pt

This thin-film sensor’s working electrode is covered with a photo resist that has 5 µm pinholes that form an array of ultramicroelectrodes.

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Thin-film interdigitated sensor

The Micrux Thin-Film electrodes are reusable and need only 1 to 5 µL measuring solution to be operated. The microelectrode arrays are available with platinum or gold electrodes. The WE material is sputtered on a 50 nm thick layer of  titanium and has a thickness of 150 nm, which is sufficient to show bulk behavior. The pinholes forming the ultramicroelectrodes have a diameter of 5 µm and the distance between the holes is 50 µm.

Specification - wetted metal materials are either gold or platinum    2022