Specifications around the Micrux AIO Cells

Zimmer and Peacock distribute the Micrux Product range and in this FAQ we clarify some of the options around the AIO Platform from Micrux.  The All-in-One Platform (AIO) from Micrux as the name suggests tries to be the way by which the scientist can make electrical connection to their Micrux sensors and the way by which fluids can be brought to the Micrux Sensor.


The ED-AIO base allows various adapter to be clicked onto the sensor to allow different modes of operation and for different materials of construction.




1) Static - Drop/Batch Cell - Allows the scientist to pipette materials in and out of the cell.  Simplest mode of operation and good when you are trying to get some preliminary data.


2) Dynamic - Flow-cell - The is for pumping solutions into or through the electrochemical cell and therefore over the face of the electrodes.




1) PEEK - This is an opaque material and synonymous with resistance to organic solvents.


2) PMMA - This is a transparent material, suitable with aqueous media but not organic solvents.


When choosing the ED-AIO cell you have two choices the ED-AIO-Cell 2x or the ED-AIO-3x.  The 2x comes with the AIO base and 1 add on, whilst the 3x comes with the base and 2 add ons.



You can select the specific AIO ad-ons you want from the downloadable guide on this page.



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