How to apply glucose active formulation to the electrodes.

In the adjacent video we explain how to apply the glucose active formulation to an electrode.


1) STEP ONE - Identify that you have received two solutions from ZP, a crosslinking solution and a glucose catalyst solution*.


2) STEP TWO - Mix the two solutions together in a volumetric ratio of 1 volume of crosslinking solution to 2 volumes of glucose catalyst solution. For example 50 microlitres of crosslinking solution to 100 microlitres of glucose catalyst solution.


3) STEP THREE - The mixed  solution you have just prepared is active and must be used within 10 minutes.


4) STEP FOUR - The mixed solution is now drop cast/pipetted onto the working electrode. The volume you add to the working electrode of your sensor depends on  the approximate surface are of your working electrode. A guide is to add 0.25 microlitres per square millimeter of working electrode area.


5) STEP FIVE - Leave this solution to cure on the working electrode for ten minutes at room temperature.


6) STEP SIX - Move the working electrode to the fridge (approximately 5 deg C) and leave to finish curing over night.


*Please not that the ZP glucose catalyst solution gas 1350 U/ml of activity towards glucose. When diluting 2 volumes of glucose catalyst solution with 1 volumes of crosslinking solution the activity will be diluted to 905 U/ml activity.    2021