An Equivalent Circuit for Zimmer and Peacock Glucose Senors

Zimmer and Peacock are happy to assist customers and collaborators in developing circuits in order to read our sensors.  

The circuit diagram and the the values below were calculated by Zimmer and Peacock's Sindre Søpstad to 'roughly' estimate the parameters associated with Zimmer and Peacock's glucose sensor - click here for sensor.


The circuit diagram is a lumped element model based on Randles equivalent circuit. The RWE was varied between 600 MOhm and 60 KOhm to simulate a sensor current ranging from 1 nA to 10 microA.  The remaining component values were set to RRE = 6.3 kOhm, RCE = 1 kOhm, CWE = 1 microF and CCE = 1 nF.    2021