ZP Bio-sensing Technology Workshop

TITLE - Workshop on electrochemical bio-sensing by Zimmer and Peacock


ABSTRACT - Zimmer and Peacock will be presenting a workshop on bio-sensing technology at the 7h International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology. The workshop will cover voltammetric biosensors, amperometric biosensors, potentiometric biosensors and impedance biosensors. There will be three elements to the workshop:


1) Introduction to voltammetric biosensors, amperometric biosensors, potentiometric biosensors and impedance biosensors. 

2) Real world examples as to how the techniques can be or are currently utilized in biosensing.

3) Live and interactive demos of the techniques using potentiostats and screen printed electrodes and biosensing.


The workshop will draw upon the industrial experience of ZP and so will strongly focus on practical biosensing rather than theoretical biosensing.


TIME AND DATE - 22 May 2022 in the afternoon.


VENUE - Meliá Sitges Hotel Congress Centre, Sitges, Spain.

PRESENTER - Dr Martin Peacock is an industrial bioelectrochemist with over twenty years of biosensor experience, having had industrial roles from Abbott Diabetes to GSK, and solving technical challenges from continuous glucose monitoring to RNA analysis.  In recent years Martin has set-up biosensor focused companies across the globe from Silicon Valley California to Oslo Norway. 

At Zimmer and Peacock, we are now distilling our experience into providing a turnkey solution to accelerate our collaborators from their research in the lab to products shipping from the loading bay at the factory.  Zimmer and Peacock achieves this acceleration by providing a range of products and services including: sensors, electronics, apps, laboratory testing, Cloud databases, IP generation and turnkey manufacturing.


Zimmer and Peacock works with clients from academia and industry, with the focus always set on getting to market.